Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wells Fargo's Mortgage Delinquency Rates and Foreclosures are Better than Average and Better than Bank of America

Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO John Stumpf recently presented at the Morgan Stanley investors conference. One of the more interesting charts he talked about was on slide #21 in which he shows the Deliquency rate and foreclosure rate of his bank versus his peers during the third quarter of 2010. Specifically:
  • Wells Fargo - 6.1% Delinquent + 2.1% in foreclosure
  • Citibank - 6.9% Delinquent and 2.6% of mortgages in foreclosure.
  • JP Morgan Chase came in at 7.8% and 3.7% respectively
  • Bank of America was the laggard of the bunch (Thanks to their countrywide acquisition) with a whopping 3.7% of loans in foreclosure and 10.6% seriously deliquent..
  • You can click on the chart above for larger view of the data that Mr. Stumpf presented.

The CEO also showed a comparison during fiscal year 2010 for the charge-offs as a percentage of all loans for Wells Fargo and its peers. Citi took the most in charge-offs on debt (4.6%), followed by Bank of America (3.6%), JPM (3.4%), Wells (2.3%) and US Bank had the best performance with just 2.2% charged off.

Interestingly enough over the last 10 years, Citi was the worst and US Bank was the best.

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